Microsoft Visual Basic for Application Help (F1)


For some time now I have a problem with the F1 help command in VBE.
"Ruban, Help, Microsoft Visual Basic for Application Help (F1)".

The link address is:
I then have an error 404 - File or directory not found!
And this for all applications.


Microsoft 365 (Personal)
Version: 2008
Build: 13127.20296
Current channel (preview)


Are you aware of this concern?

I carried out a quick and online repair to no avail.

Thank you in advance.


Jean Eric

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@J-E_P I do have exactly the same problem. All of a sudden the F1 key does not bring you to the proper MSDN page. Extremely annoying

Hello @J-E_P ,


Please contact support so this can be further looked into.