Microsoft Excel Insider Build 18.58.22011705 for Mac cannot be opened after update

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I have updated Office 365 to my M1 Mac to Insider build 16.58.22011705 today.


All apps run fine except Microsoft Excel that cannot be opened. I have to revert to prior version 16.58.22011201 that work fine.


There must be bug in Excel update. Can you please fix it

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@tsanchai Same problem here this morning with auto-updated Excel 16.58.22011705. I'd welcome advice as to how to revert to version 16.58.22011201 in the meantime whilst the bug is fixed please.

In my case, I restore Microsoft Excel from my Time Machine backup and it work fine. Hope this help

This worked for me:

- Download Microsoft_Office_16.57.22011101_installer.pkg from Office.
- Move Excel to Trash.
- Open Installer, Customise to install Excel only.

Excel works fine after that. Version 16.57.22011101.

Please note that if you update Excel on the Beta Channel, it will go to 16.58.22011705 and “Microsoft Excel can’t be opened."

Same here. I installed the previous Excel after deleting the 16.58.22011705

@DTForrest You saved me a full uninstall/install! Thank you!

Same issue here. Reverting back to Build 57 corrected.  But the question I have is when will this critical issue be fixed by Microsoft? I would think that MS would catch this one before even releasing as a Beta version.

New version Excel released under Beta. Version 16.58.22011800.

Works fine. No problems so far.

Thanks. The new Build corrected the issue.  At least there was a fast response to the issue by MS