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I've been an Office Insider (fast) for a long time, yet I don't have the new LAMBDA function. My Account lists me as Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, not simply Microsoft 365. My build is 13624.20002 so what am I missing/what can I do to get the latest? Clicking Office Updates gives the message that I'm up to date. I'm the longest running Excel MVP (25 years).


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Hello @Bob Umlas,


Apologies for the delay in my response. Sometimes, features are slowly rolled out to a certain percentage of Office Insiders. That was the case for the LAMBDA function but it should now be available to 100% of Windows Beta channel Insiders.




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Hi Evan,


I thought it was for all users. I just knew it's for only Microsoft insider.

Thank you for clarifying this.

I still don't have LAMBDA and using Excel Beta on Office/Microsoft 365 for Mac. What am I doing wrong? 




I have the same problem, Actually, it doesn't update to version 2110 and shows me it's updated. I have LAMBDA but I want to have MAP and other helper function for LAMBDA.