Help Regarding Oddities in Seeding New Excel Features to Current Channel

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Hi All,


I am currently using some of the 14 new (coming) Excel functions eg CHOOSECOLS, CHOOSEROWS, TEXTSPLIT etc. I have my update channel set to Beta Channel and I know those functions have been available since Excel 16.60 in the beta channel. I note also that the Current Channel Preview has recently (Aug 5th) been seeded with these new functions per this link.


My issue is I have users whose updates follow the normal Current Channel releases. For Excel for Mac this version is 16.64 (22081401) last updated Aug 14th. 


Based on the recent seeding of the new functions to the Current Channel Preview I wouldn't expect normal Current Channel users to have these functions yet. However I am finding that, despite all my normal users having Excel version 16.64 (22081401), some of them have access to these new functions and some don't.


This confuses me - I would expect all users set to the same level of update (in this case Current Channel) would have access to the same set of functions.


Can somebody explain to me what is happening here.


Thanks for your help.






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