Excel: Making auto-sum adjust automatically to added lines

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Hello, I have created a spreadsheet in which the columns are totaled at the bottom using auto sum. I add lines for new entries at the top in order to see the most recent entries easily.  However the auto sum does not adjust to include the newly added lines. Is there a way to make it do so automatically? Thanks, Ken 

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Hello @Ken1122 


If these columns are in a table, you can go to the Table Design tab and select the checkbox for Total Row. This should add a new row that sums up the column. When you add a new row to the table, it will adjust the range of the formula to include the newly added row. Here's a link to our support page that goes over this feature. 

@Evan_Bolin When I go to File menu, there is no Design tab. I do not find Design under any tab. Thanks, Ken

@Ken1122, can you select your table, take a screenshot of what you see in Excel and share it with me so I can see exactly what you're seeing?




@Evan_Bolin Hello, I'd rather not do that as it contains personal info. I changed the range from starting with the top line with data to the blank line above it. I haven't added more data yet but we'll see if that works. Thanks, Ken