Enclose fonts Word Mac

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Hello, I would like to know how to enclose a font in Word Mac document. I have version 16.28.

Thanks in advance!

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What do you mean by enclose? Please share an example.
I use Word on Mac for making graphic designs. In this case a sign. It has to use the companies’ brand / style font (don’t know if I translate correctly).

It has to be editable for other people too, so I want to enclose the used font so they don’t get a standard font when using the document.

At this time I think it’s not possible to enclose a font on the Mac version. Altough It seemed possible in the Windows version of Word. Strange, because most of the time a Mac is used for graphic design.

That would be a font license violation to include fonts in Office XML. Even for Microsoft fonts, like Times [New Roman] from Monotype used on Windows.