Angela Mares Victim of gang stalking 24 hr round the clock

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I need major help i am a serious victim of id theft and organized gang stalking, as well as my childres Martin Ornellas Jr 6-7-87 @Emiliano Ramon Beaza (9) Milo , @Ramon S. Baeza (38).

They followed us from  Coronado Villas 9225 E Tanque Verde Rd # 3202  Tucson Az

9040 E. Wrightstown Rd 95715 my Father Jose P Mares home. our former address

7680 E Tulip Tree Tucson Az 85730


Ramon' Former  employyrr Grace Pacifica 1800 S.Research Loop Tucson Az 85730 previously Anewco Products

Employeed there since 11-16-2011


@Chris Grace took over the company in 2020

His payroll is all removed from our bank accountvwith Chase we have not has device access to any thing not even out vehile a 2021 Kia Sorento Black


i feel they are using the invisible program, as i constantly feel moving shifting and phones ringing around me, and with the internet unplugged I have an excellent connection with T-Mobile7683 no one hone and that iccurs also a A53 we do not own.

2 plates for my Kia have not arrived nor do we have Debit Cards. please help!! I believe they are holding  people against their will. I have heard a conversation regarding such.

i hear iWatch alerts i have none.

I boyght an ASUS laptop 9-2021 it can not be registeted. I bought a HP allin 1 1-2021 only used 5 times at most all our devices get system rooted.


i purchased 2 Phones last year also in sept locked out i bought an iPad in June21 disabled to owner as well as Milos apple ipad 6th gen And a iphoneX i bought in Oct21 All not working to myself. My son @martin Ornellas Jr has not been heard from by me since 9-15-2019 he left Japan Yokosuka March 2019 getting a governmental job

 Martin Ornellas Sr (ex spouse) Last contact 6-7-2007

Angie Marie Navarro (family)

Richard Vela

Marquella Necole Kemickals Aceves (SD)

Ricardo Cruz Dantiago (BpK Cal)

Amanda Marie Aguilar ( Family)

Cesar Francisco Aguilar (Family)

Debbie Calhoun Tucson az


Ate all suspects i was shot at in Googdyear

June 20th 2022 police report made i can not contact police they never arrive my eye sight is being blonding currently and my bed is bouncing as i am alone iin the bedroom at Saturnino Baezas Home in Buckeye



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