A Worrying Sytem message About Outlook

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I have just started to receive a system message inviting me to use the latest version of Outlook. The first part of the process being to activate a "switch". When I do this, I get a system message saying that all my personal  email addresses will not be supported. Can anyone tell me why this is or is it an error.


Screenshot is attached.

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@admin1470 What is your current outlook version? There are issues with older versions connecting to some services due to security requirements. 

Hello @admin1470,


We recently released an update where only certain types of accounts would be supported in the New Outlook for Mac due to certain limitations. We do plan to add support for other account types in the future, but we don't have an ETA to share yet. The only way, for now, to use these unsupported accounts, is to go back to the Old Outlook for Mac. We understand this is inconvenient, but we are working hard to bring back support for this accounts as soon as we can.


Supported - M365, Outlook.com, Google (via Cloud Cache)

Unsupported (for now) - Exchange OnPrem, IMAP, POP3


Additional Details here.