Word for Mac File > Share > Send Document Doesn't Work

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Microsoft Word for Mac Version 16.55 (21111400)

Mac OS Monterrey 12.0.1 (21A559)


When I pull down File > Share > Send Document, Word gives a "donk" (error) sound.  Same thing for File > Share > Send PDF.  When I do File > Share > Send HTML, the system opens Outlook and appears to prepare an email message to send the file.


Any suggestions?


By the way, Outlook is not my default email program.  A different email program (Spark) is designated for my Mac, using the prescribed but odd way to do that: open the Mac Mail app, and pull down  preferences (for Mail), and in the General tab specify the default email reader.  

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Same here, I'm actually using Postbox as my mailclient but the error is not inherent to any emailclient: the bug/error issue actually happens with all emailclients, including Apple mail.

The only workaround is to save the Office-file and manually attach it to a new email.

Very annoying. Reading various similar responses, it is not clear where the issue arises: in MacOS or in Office365.


I hope soon the issue will be solved.