Sorting E-mails in Outlook

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Hi all

I'm using Microsoft Office products both on Windows and Mac platforms.

On Windows, I have configured Outlook to list all e-mails with a CATEGORY on top in a chronological order. Newest first. (Actually even 3 lists.. Red, yellow and green categories are listed each after each.

Afterwards all UNCATEGORISED e-mails are listed in a chronological order. Newest first. So whenever I finished with an e-mail and delete it's category it automatically shifts to the uncategorised group to it's chronological order.

But I can not do this simple task on Outlook for Mac. Categories are fine. But the chronological order is a mess. On top, the categories are in a descending order (newest first), but immediately below in the uncategorised group it switches to the ascending order (oldest first). If I switch the order, then it switches the groups (uncategorised group first on top in chronological order. The red, yellow and green categories I can then find only at the very bottom).

I strongly hope there is a solution and the problem is only me not finding the right setting. Anybody who can help? 

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