Outlook v16.51 - some users have Rules preference button and some dont

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for my Mac users, its unclear why, when they are all on the same build, v16.51 of Office 365, their Outlook.app doesn't show the exact same GUI from Mac computer to Mac computer. 


Specifically, if you go into their Mac Outlook preferences, you will not consistently see a Rules button there. Yes all of them have a Rules menu option off of the Tools menu, but in some cases for some users, even that doesn't work (user sees "something went wrong" instead of the Rules GUI). 


Yes, we have the usual mix of MS licensing, E5s and E3s. Could this be the reason why GUI functions change per client? 


If so, why would one of my users get the "something went wrong" when trying to create new rules via the Outlook / Tools / Rules menu option? 


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