Office 2016 crashes on OSX 10.14.3

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I've been using my MBP since 2016 with Office 2016. I've generally kept the system updated. It only has Adobe Creative Cloud (4-5 apps) and Office 2016. Latest update being version 16.16.7 However, it keeps crashing since yesterday and reinstalling will only allow it to run once or twice. Once I exit Outlook or Word, it will no longer start up and typically crashes with something similar to below - varies depending on the app of course:


Error Signature: Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS ExceptionEnumString: 1 Exception Code: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0000000000000000)


Anyone got any clue besides me uninstalling and reinstalling every day?


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As you probably already know, the 16.16.8 update is now available and this problem has been fixed.


If you have AutoUpdate set to automatically install updates, it is likely this update was automatically installed.


If you have AutoUpdate set to manual updates, you can launch AutoUpdate from any Office application and choose Check for Updates from the Help menu. If none of your applications will open, you can download the update to AutoUpdate manually from this link, then install and run AutoUpdate, which will install the 16.16.8 fixed update to Microsoft Office 2016.


I highly recommend that anyone affected launch AutoUpdate by going to the Help menu in any Office 2016 application and choosing Check for Updates. Remove your installation from Insider programs by unchecking the box that has you join the program. There will never be any future Insider builds of Office for Office 2016. The feature set of Office 2016 is not going to change, and there will never be any future Insider builds.