My Word Add-in works in Windows and in Word online.But it fails in Mac at getFileAsync() method call

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My add in works perfectly fine in Windows10 but when I upload the manifest file under directory in mac os x (I am using EI Captian), I can see the Add-ins in word , and I am able to choose my add-in. My Add-in loads perfectly fine in Mac also and I am able to navigate to home.html and able to execute the custom login functionality.  As part of the app functionality I need to call getFileAsync method. In Mac it fails and it does not show any error or it does not show anything in the logs. I tried to setup Vorlon to debug, but when I launch the web app from browser its able to connect to Vorlon (it show the client in vorlon dashboard), but when I trigger the app from within the word (by clicking the Add-ins button) Vorlon is not picking the client.  Hence I am not able to test what is the issue with getFileAsync() method with Mac OS. Is there an easy way to debug the app, as it works perctly fine in Windows. I need to make sure the office Api's should run properly in mac. 


Please let me know if you have any pointers on this. Thanks.

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