Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

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In Office for Mac desktop applications (e.g PPT v16.4.4) my keyboard shortcuts have suddenly become non-functional. For example, command-C does not copy, command-V does not paste. They are all "greyed out" in the menus (see image). I am running macOS 11.1 on 16" MacBook Pro.


Anyone know a) why this is happening and b) how to turn them back on? I've done searching but have come up empty

.Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 3.02.01 PM.png

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I am having exactly the same problem. Powerpoint was working fine until recently, but over the past few days the keyboard short cuts (cut, paste, save, close, etc.) are grey and non-functional. This is a big pain. I don't think this was associated with any obvious updates to Office or Mac OS -- it seems out of the blue.

I am also experiencing this in all of my Office apps.  It only started in the last few days


I also have this poblem.

Normally a restart of PowerPoint solves it.

@dostrower I have the same issue across all MS Office products on Mac (Big Sur 11.2.3, but might have started before this version already). Restart of software or computer doesn't fix the issue.



Same here (German language edition). Any solutions yet? 



I had the same problem, went to system preferences, keyboard - modifier keys at the bottom and set the globe one to no function.. seemed to work even thought shortcuts are still grey...(something to do with an inverted fn key apparently )