Keyboard assignments for styles on Word for Win and Word for Mac

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I regularly use Word for Windows and am trying to share a template with a friend who uses Word for Mac. The template works fine on both machines but I am having difficulties assigning shortcut keys to styles. Or more precisely, I seem to be unable to use the same key combinations on my friend's Mac as I do on my PC.


On Word for Windows I use a combination of the control key plus the letter 's', followed by a second character. For example:





My problem is that the Mac version of Word either does not accept a shortcut key with a shifted second character (for example, Ctrl+s plus the shifted numbers 2-9), or it accepts the assignment (Ctrl+s,Shift+1) but does not apply the style.  


I have almost no experience with the Mac and I suspect this is where the problem lies. I am hoping that someone could suggest keyboard combinations that make sense from a Mac point of view. Maybe I should be using something other than control with the first character, or other than shift for the second character. For example:


command+s,shift+1 or



Any guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.





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