Is Office 365 untouchable?

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We just purcahsed a company that has Office 365 installed on all their Macs. We only use plain Office for all our Macs which is installed with a corporate serial number. I need to completely remove Office 365 from the new Macs and install our version. On the new Macs I've been removing the license (if there is one) and trying to delete all components using a script. When I reinstall our version with the serial number Office looks and acts exactly like it did when it was 365. I can tell this because the user can still select Log In and get back into their 360 account. When I install our version from scratch, there is a Log in button but it takes you to a blank screen.


Even after deleting everything on the Mac that contains the word Microsoft, reinstall our version with our serial number it hasn't changed anything. Can Office 365 be completely removed so I can install a different version?

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