Start Screen Greeting Now on Office Desktop Apps?

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Our organization is on O365 with Office ProPlus on all desktops.  Starting Oct 8th, I noticed that a couple of my coworkers are seeing a different interface when they launch Word, Excel, PowerPoint and they are on the same Version/Build (1808/10730.20101) as the rest of my division.  The Start Screen displays the greeting 'Good morning' and has a very O365 look to it, displaying the templates in a single row across the top with the Recent, Pinned, and Shared with Me documents beneath that.  Has anyone else seen this (screenshot attached with the new interface on the left compared to what the rest of our org has on the right).  We cannot figure out how these 2 machines are getting this display and have now found any Options/settings that drive this.


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Yes, i've seen that on my colleague's PC (new start screen). I guess this is part of the big ribbon redesign process, but the whole process seems like a mess. I don't have such start screen yet, but for 2-3 weeks i already have new icons in Outlook, Excel, Word. But only new tabs animation in Access, no new icons. My colleagues had only updated look in Outlook for a few weeks and only now start getting updated icons in other apps. People on the blog post report that Office Insiders also do not get consistent update experience (not seeing coming soon toggle which was promised to try out new look before it goes to regular users, etc.).