Re-enabling Word Add-In after Error




We are developing a COM Add-In for Microsoft Word (only local, not for cloud usage). One of our customers had the problem, that each time he started Word, he had to manually activate the Add-In (Word Options > Add-Ins > Go... > tick the checkbox for the corresponding Add-In). I could reproduce this behavior by forcing an error in the Add-In coding which caused Word to crash. When starting Word the next time, I got the following message:



Of course I saw this message several times before. But: back then the consequence of clicking on "Yes" was that the Add-In was disabled. In that case it was sufficient to re-enable it one time (as described above). The next time the Add-In was started, you didn't have to enable it any more.


But now, additionally to disabling the Add-In, there is a registry key created. That key has the name of the Add-In and is located at the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Office/15.0/Word/AddInLoadTimes.




And it seems that this key causes the behavior described at the beginning. Because if I delete the key, start Word, enable the Add-In, close word, set the "LoadBehavior" key in the registry to "3" and then restart word, everything is fine again.


Now my question: is there a user-friendly alternative to enable the Add-In? Since the fewest of our users have administrative privileges, we cannot ask them to change some registry keys in order to fix the problem.


I hope that someone can help me with this.



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