Issue with Outlook Groups App on iOS (iPad)

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this however here goes.


One of my clients is using Office365 groups in a big way however when they're trying to upload images to a group conversation the image selection screen shows "blank" thumbnails. If you can guess which pictures are the right ones you can upload them but there is currently no way to know from the thumbnails.


Anyone come across this or someting similar and have any advice on how to fix?


Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Anthony, I am the PM driving Groups mobile efforts and I just checked this workflow and looks like the gallery is showing me the pictures properly on the iPad. Can you ask your customer to send us a Uservoice ticket if this is still happening and we can look into the logs to understand this better. Also, can you ask him or her to check if this is happening only with the Groups app and not other apps as well?




Hi Krish,

Thanks for the reply. I will try and get them to raise a uservoice ticket regarding this. That you for advising the right place to raise these issues as when we tried to raise this against our O365 licence support they advised it is outside of their remit.

I have double checked and it is only the groups app that is exhibiting this issue. Also annoyingly it is not every iPad device we have deployed that is exhibiting this issue. But definitely a large majority of them.

In the interim we have a workaround in place that they just use their favourite iOS email application to send an email with attachments to the group email address.


EDIT: Hi Krish could you please supply me with the URL for the Uservoice in question? I'm unable to find one to do with iOS microsoft apps currently.