C2R Office Suite NOT installing, interesting experience

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Interesting experience.  Bottom line, C2R 32 bit MsOffice suite did NOT register on a device, but the 64 bit registered OK.  (O365 E3 license). 


I had an account be inactive for 2.5 weeks (person was on vacation).  They returned, logged onto their Surface Pro 1 (win10 1607), a message from MsOffice C2R 32 bit, indicated they needed to reactivate.  Could NOT get the license reactived on that device, so built another device for them, all was well.

Then took the 1st device, used recovery option, getting it back to a clean build, getting ready for another user.  MsOffice C2R 32 bit ... refused to activate on this device.  (Installed without errors, O365 account did not show that device as having a valid install). However, the 64 bit license activated OK.  Hmmm.  New one for me!

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