Yammer Basic network domain added to Yammer Enterprise Tenant

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We recently added a domain to our 365 tenant that was being used for a Yammer Basic network. We now see the banner "Action Required: A domain with a Yammer Basic network, was recently added to this Office 365 tenant. Because an Office 365 tenant can't have both a Basic and an Enterprise network, users have been removed from the Basic network and it will be disabled on XXXXX and queued for deletion."


Right now users on the 365 tenant can access all the old Yammer Basic network data by using their 365 login credentials so I am not sure if the Yammer Basic data was ported into the 365 tenant or what is going on. We do not want to lose the Yammer Basic data but am unsure how to proceed in a way that nothing is lost the day it is disabled from the warning message above.


Thank you

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