xxxx is out of the office and may not respond.

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This shows up constantly in chats at the bottom. Can we turn this off? Its annoying that it shows up ALL DAY.

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Check users OOO settings in outlook

As Adam mentioned, this is an indicator that the user has configured an OOO reply. You will continue seeing it for as long as the OOO is active, no matter how many times you press the little x button to close it. I know, it annoys me too, but in all fairness the Outlook client has the same behavior :)

@Greg707 Agreed, it's ridiculous that this is the expected behavior.  We use a group chat all day and I don't need to be informed 98 times that my teammate is out of the office.  I was well aware of that after the 97th time...


<I'm going on vacation next week>

I came in here looking for a fix to the same issue. 

<I'm going on vacation next week>

At least the Outlook status only reminds you once a day that you are out of the office.

<I'm going on vacation next week>

Since I've set my OOO my co-workers will be reminded that I'm out off office all day long in our 

<I'm going on vacation next week>

group chat until someone gets annoyed enough to kick me out of the chat until I return.

<I'm going on vacation next week>

So nobody at Microsoft thinks that's annoying?

<I'm going on vacation next week>

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@Greg707 Hello! I've moved this to the Office 365 space since it is more relevant to that community. Thanks. 

Bumping this discussion as an office worker in Teams all day. Very annoying.
Bump. This is still a thing and still very, very annoying.
BUMP! Ridiculous.
bumping this - this issue is more annoying than it should be, and i see no reason why an easy fix has yet to be implemented.
Bump. Yes, please get rid of this.