Working with unlicensed mailbox, litigation hold enabled,

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Hello everyone,


So here is the thing, I know once the litigation hold is enabled on a mailbox if the user is deleted the mailbox becomes inactive mailbox. But i am in a situation where-in i don't want to delete user account but assing that users license to some other account. So i unassigned the license from user abc(litigation hold enabled mailbox) to another user. The problem is the mailbox for abc is still present which i believe will be present for a month and then deleted. In that case the Mailbox will become inactive after that?

i don't want to lose the data.


Any help will be appreciated in digital blessings.


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@Robert Crane 


Hi Robert,


Thanks for the reply, actually I have been through those links but didn't get the answer I was looking for.

If I put it simply, I just want to know what will happen when I remove the license of a user's mailbox which has litigation hold enabled on it.


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The mailbox will NOT be deleted, it will throw an error because it's now in unsupported configuration, and you are also violating the licensing terms. If you want to remove the license, remove the hold first.

@Vasil Michev  Wow what a coincidence:suprised:, was going through one of your articles when I got your reply.

Thanks for the reply, that clears my doubt.