Working with contacts in Office 365

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We have recently moved to Office 365 and looking for the best way to manage contacts. Here are some observations and requirements


1) Using Admin -> User -> Contacs: This looks to create a company wide shared address book which is great but the problem is that I can't seem to edit photos for contacts here and contacts don't sync under ActiveSync on mobile devices


2) If I create a contact and then in OWA, add that to "My Contacts" then I can get them to sync with Activesync but I still can't edit their photo


3) If I don't create a Contact in admin and instead, create it under my OWA, it syncs and allows me to add a photo but then it doesn't chare the contact with the rest of the users.


What would be the ideal solution for this?

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You should have no issues adding pictures to contacts, but I'd recommend using the EAC (or the Azure AD blade) for this task - the O365 admin center continues to be plagues with issues. When it comes to mobiles, there is no perfect solution though, not even many "working" solutions...