Word won't save text into an PDF file

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I was creating a Word file and I want to save it as PDF.

When saved, the PDF had as many pages as the word file, but was blank.

I tried print as pdf, uploading it to OneDrive and saving as pdf... even a docx to pdf converter.

Always the same result.


Okay, maybe the file was corrupted.

So I wrote a short test document and saved it as pdf. It was also empty. Now every file I save is empty.

I'm so lost now.....


Thank you for your help!

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I now even reinstalled Office using Microsoft's office-removal tool.
Still no nothing.

Hello, @GERGto, I have several recommendations on how to fix your problem. First of all, ensure your Office client is the latest version. Run Office in a safe mode to check if no add-ins are influencing the saving process.


Disable all 3rd party apps in the background. You can perform a clean boot in Windows to determine whether a background program is interfering with the Office programs.


If the issue still remains, fix the Office client, by performing an online repair.


The next suggestion from me is to get more useful tips on how to back up your Microsoft 365 account, as ransomware and malware are things that can't be predicted. You should always have a chance to recover.