Word: Updating templates in Assets library not working

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I got a Sharepoint Online Assets Library which contains all of our Office templates.

When I update or reupload a template, it doesn't sync to the users who has been using this template before. It seems to be some kind of cache because if I rename the document to something else, it works fine.


The templates have never been replaced or updated before. So, I'm curious on how to manage these templates... it's not very intuitive to give the template a new name every time it has been updated.

I have tried to clear Word cache, but it doesn't work.

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Exact thing is happening in my organization. I hadn't tried renaming the files so I just did that and had a user test it, and it works! Thanks for the work around but it's a flaw that needs to be addressed.

@mmsue glad I could help! I use the modification date at the end of the document, to be sure it’s unique.