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I have a 65,000 word document. Heading 1 is 18 pt and Heading 2 is 16 pt. But . . . when I drop down the TOC menu the sizes are reversed, or at least H1 is small and H2 is large. The implemented TOC is also the same incorrect style.

I have spent hours trying to sort this. What is the solution, and why is this happening? I have checked the styles.

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Will someone from MS please reply to this! 




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Hi, The Heading1 and Heading2 etc styles control how text is displayed / printed inside the document. You want to have a look at the TOC1 and TOC2 styles that control how text is included in the table of content. Kind regards Hans

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, with help of an online MS chat technician, I got to grips with that and fixed the problem in 30 seconds. However, that is something I find quite surprising. I dont understand why this is necessary. I wanted H1 at the top of the cascade etc. Why would I have to set another parameter for TOC? Anyway, MS needs to look at that arcane setting IMHO.

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Another style for TOC1 etc? That's because you suerly do not want the title in the text to have the same font in the table of content as in the text.

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And also: the table of content lists all text fragments formatted in Heading 1 etc. If the table elements itself are formatted in Heading 1 etc, the table of content will never come to an end,.

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Perhaps, but not necessarily, and in any case the default should be to use the Heading hierarchy as the default. See the image i posted. That is illogical.

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"If the table elements itself are formatted in Heading 1 etc, the table of content will never come to an end,"


Well don't use Heading then, and limit the hierarchy in the TOC. Easy. The default should still be H.

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And further, with all due respect, if the TOC format is to be the dominant size and cascade for the Table of Contents, why then is it not featured in the drop down -- References/Table of Contents -- rather than Heads?