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Hi all,

I need some help finding out what the registry key is for Word (and other office applications) so that our users have a good experience.


Use case : As a user I need to open Word, click the File / New menu and have the template tab default to my organisation's sharepoint online organisation assets library. So that I can quickly see my organization's template documents.


In our organisation , because we setup and "organisation assets library", when a user opens Word then goes to the File / New screen there are three tabs that show templates : Office / Personal / <tenant name>


What I want to achieve is for the <tenant name> tab to be open by default NOT office or personal


I know that if I set

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\office\16.0\word\options DWORD: officestartdefaulttab Value: 1 

Then Personal is open by default.


I would really appreciate your help finding out what the registry setting is to have the <tenant name> tab open by default.


Many thanks


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Hi @BryanSmith67 


Thanks for replying. I can and will take this up with my Microsoft Rep during our weekly meetings. I was posting this to see if anyone in the community knows the registry key determining which of the Template tabs is open by default when you Open Word and click the New button:

With no changes the default template tab is Office. With the registry change I outline in my original question the default Template tab changes to "Personal". What I want is to change that default Template tab for all our staff to the "<tenant name>" template tab, that appears after you setup the organizational assets library in SharePoint online. 

To add some more detail, the "Organization Assets Library" is a relatively new option available to organisations with a 365 tenant


It allows the creation of a single SharePoint online library to store the organisation's Office Templates.

We have this setup for our tenant.

This question is trying to more tightly link desktop Office applications to this template library, by having the default open template tab be this rather than the Office or Custom tabs.