Word missing from my Office 365 account

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yesterday, Office 365 became Microsoft 365 on my laptop. I was then unable to open a Word document attached to an email message. There was a system message that said something about not have permission to open the file. I have tried many options to resolve and repair the problem. I now have lost Word from my Office account and when I login to my account and try to re-install Word, it does not recognise my account as having installed Office! I can still use Excel and PowerPoint, but am getting more and more frustrated with the inability to resolve.......

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@PerranDL Hi there, it's quite difficult to suggest troubleshooting steps not knowing what subscription you use. But as you say "Office has become Microsoft 365" you're affected by the recent name change so it shouldn't be Personal or Family at least.


The name change has nothing to do with the applications included, meaning it's just a change of name, which is good to know. You're saying the reason for not being able to open up the Word document was something with "permission" and you really should have attached that message.


As the cloud apps (Office on the web) are where they are I'm guessing you're trying to re-install/repair an Office desktop version and/or trying to download the desktop apps as a 'self-installation' from your account. But you're not saying what steps you've taken to resolve the issue. As you obviously having problems with the account itself I believe you need to get in touch with Microsoft support.


Hope it gets sorted out!


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@ChristianBergstromThank you for your patience.

I have had so many minor problems following the installation that, at the moment, other than having a Microsoft account and running Office products, other than Word, which is not now available and having Microsoft tell me I do not have an account - I will take your advice and try to contact MS Support.