Word isn't finding hidden text

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I'm trying to find a workaround for the issue I'm having with duplicate entries in my document's index.

My plan was to laboriously go through all of the fields marking index entries, then replace every occurrence with a standard entry using search & replace. i.e. search for XE "Castles" hiddent text and replace every occurrence with a standard character format.

It doesn't work, as shown in the accompanying screenshot. Word tells me that there are no results, even though I can see one (highlit) on the page.

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Hi @STeveF48 

I'd tell Word to look for hidden text.

Ctrl+H, More, Format, Hidden

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That is exactly what I did, as shown by my screenshot


@Hans Le Roy 

The problem went away when I edited the document on another PC.

It hasn’t recurred on either computer.

I guess it was a glitch.