Word for Mac no longer able to create inline (run in) headings

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I am editing a dissertation that is using custom heading styles to conform to APA 7 requirements. In APA 7, heading levels 4 and 5 are in line headings, meaning that the heading appears in bold or bold and italicized font on the same line as the subsequent text. This used to be accomplished by putting a hard return after the heading, showing invisibles, highlighting the paragraph mark, and then Option/Shift/H to give the command to hide the paragraph (or highlight the paragraph mark, go to Format/Font/Hidden). As of the last update, however, this function no longer works. I can mark the paragraph marker as hidden, but when I hide invisibles, the text does not move to the same line as the header. I spend a frustrated hour on the phone with Support this morning to no avail. 


I had this issue about a year ago. Eventually it was kicked up to software engineering, who finally fixed the problem after about 3 months. I am working on a deadline and cannot wait 3 more months. This issue appears to have recurred with the latest update to Office 365. I am current using Version 16.37 on a Macbook Air running OS 10.15.4.


I am attaching two documents:  1) "Heading showing style coding" shows a level 4 heading (the word Conferences) on its own line. The text that follows should begin on the same line as per the uploaded Word doc to provide the illustration of how it should be). 2) "How it should look" provides an example of how the document should look when correctly formatted.


I am working to a tight deadline so would appreciate a response asap.

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I realized after I posted that I did not give the correct command for creating the inline heading to begin with. It should be to hold down Control/Shift/H (instead of what I originally typed as Option/Shift/H).


Really hoping someone can help me with this issue.

@musicdeb Did you ever find a solution? I've hit the same issue and am at a bit of a loss.  Thanks and I hope the dissertation went well!

@musicdeb I know you're probably long past needing this, but for anyone else searching how to do inline style changes in word for mac - See Cari Drolet’s answer from Aug 9 2017.




I think it requires only a single return (if you already have the body text in place). The Right bracket you click should be at the start of the body text when you toggle.