Word Footer Adds Lines Unnecessarily

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Hello Forum, first post. Please let me know if this is the wrong place for such a question or if there are other issues with my post.


I am having a strange issue when I try to edit footers on a word document. Normally I just double click the footer in order to get into it to edit it. However, for one particular document I have, if I double click the footer a bunch of returns are added to the document under where I clicked (3-7 pages worth, each time I double click).


When I hover my mouse over the footer I get the alignment symbol next to my cursor (indicating click and type is on?) and if I double click while over the footer with this symbol there then the extra lines are added. However, if I put my cursor at the very bottom of the footer (practically touching the bottom of the page) then the alignment symbol next to my cursor disappears, and I can double click to get into the footer WITHOUT adding the extra pages. Additionally if I simply turn off "click and type" in the options then the extra pages do not get added, but this is a bit of a bodge of a fix.


If I select all and copy the documents contents into a new blank document the same issue occurs.


This is an issue since the document in question is a "template" that I distribute to my office, and I don't want everyone else to encounter this same annoying issue.


Thanks in advance for any help. 

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Hi Jeremy, 

I was having the exact same issue. Although I had a table in the footer (not sure if you do).  The table allowed for text to be more easily formatted in the footer, however once I removed it, the problem went away.


Hope this helps.




I do happen to have a table in my footer. Unfortunately however, this problem occurs even when the table is deleted or when I edit a footer that doesn't have a table.


Another note, when this happens undo (CTRL+Z) does not reverse it, I have to erase the returns manually.


For now I have just made the footer reference information on the title page so that it updates itself automatically and noone should have to edit the footer. I'd still like to know what is going on though!


See attached for the document I am talking about, but with the information erased. Double clicking the footer on each different page seems to have different results each time. Sometime click and type seems to work as expected (just adds returns up to the point of the cursor), sometimes only about half a page worth of returns are added after the cursor, and sometimes up to 13 pages of returns are added after the cursor.