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We have a lot of documents with a page field in the header. They are created in Office 2007. The field looks like this: { PAGE \# "00" \* MERGEFORMAT }. In Office 2007 to Office 2013 it displayed 01 in the header. In 2016 it shows as just 1, without the zero. In the body however it shows correct as 01. Is this a bug or can it be corrected in the registry?

We have the E5 download of Office 365.



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Have you verified the Page Number character style?

Is it correct?


I don't know exactly what you mean, but if I insert the field in a new document in the header and after that in de body I have 2 different results. In the header (or footer) 1 and in the body 02.

In the body 01, of course!