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Hello All,


I was working on my word document yesterday till late night. I Have started my work after saving in both pc and Sync of One Drive. As i Was tired before taking a short break I have closed file after I Click Save. And after I come back There is no trace of my data that I have worked all night. 


NO Recent Files

No Unsaved data

Not able to Auto Recover 

Tried to even contact Microsoft support but as usually Ignored as everytime . But this document is very important for me. I have tried to recover something by using Acronis Revive and then I found some tmp files but unable to recover them. @office365  @Office Apps  @admin 

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@Krishh_vk Hello, this sounds very odd. I'm going to attach a link and perhaps it can guide you in the right direction.


How to recover a lost Word document



Do have a look in the OneDrive recycle bin as well.


Restore deleted files or folders in OneDrive



Hope it get sorted!