Word 365 Share Menu and Outlook

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We're just starting to plan our Office 365 rollout and are at the initial "out of the box" test stage.


We're moving from Office 2010 and Lotus Notes to Office 365 including Outlook, but will be staging the rollout, introducing Outlook once we have replaced the current version of Office.


One early potential "gotcha" is the Word / Office "Share" Menu. 

The "Mail" button once a file has been uploaded to OneDrive appears to be Hard-Wired to Outlook.

a) Is this correct, and 

b) Is there a way to disable this button with, for instance, a GPO, until such time as we get Outlook rolled out?

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A: AFAIK Yes, it is correct.

B: Without having tested it (and no guarantees that this will work) i found this post that might help you for a while: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/azure/en-US/05b66707-e67d-4b42-b363-096efd1b90f6/disable...


Regards, Magnus