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A long time MS/Office user here...  I'm attempting to insert or paste (I've tried both) a picture into a Word 365 document.  It shows the outline of the picture, but that's it.  I can go to Excel, Paint, etc. and it pastes just fine.  Also, prior to maybe a couple of weeks ago I've been able to paste or insert pictures with no issues.  I can paste text with no issues.  I suspect there may be a virus, but Norton 360 doesn't pick up anything when I do a thorough scan.  Suggestions???

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Hi @HMC_Enterprises 


I am also a long-time user of MS Word. :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: I was unable to recreate your specific issue in MS Word Online. However, there are several things come to mind.


1) Do you have the latest software updates.  I assumed that you have auto update turned on.

2) Does the image show up correctly in MS Word Desktop and not Online?

3) Does the image show in "Print Preview mode" and not in the document?

3) Let's check your Print Drawing settings. See below.

4) Change the image resolution. See below.


Print Drawing Settings

  • Open up Word from your desktop
  •  Click on File from the top menu then Options
  • Select the Display tab, make sure a Print Drawing created in Word checked
  • Also under the Advanced tab
  • Uncheck: Show picture placeholder
  • Check: Show drawings and text boxes on screen


  • Now, remove your images from the document
  • Close both Word online and desktop applications
  • Reopen the Word application, and then reinsert your images

If this does not fix it, try changing the image resolution.


Change the image resolution

  • Click on the image and select picture Format from the ribbon
  • Select Compress pictures
  • Change the default settings to Print (220 dpi)
  • Teresa_Cyrus_2-1660066264640.png


I hope one of these solutions display your image. If you find this information useful, please mark it as the best answer or like it, which assists others with the same question.


Have a great day.




Thank you so much!  It appears this was the culprit:  

  • Uncheck: Show picture placeholder

I tested several inserts and pastes of pictures and they show up just fine.  I'm not sure how this situation happened though.  I haven't adjusted the settings in the Options sections, so perhaps a SW update modified the selection.  Regardless, thank you again for your assistance!!


I am glad to hear that it worked for you. Please mark the response as the best solution which will help others.
Thank you in advanced.