Word 365 crash. Help!

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While working on an important document, the Word screen did this:

screen shot word.jpg

Notice the double print in the navigation pane, as well as the jumble along the top. In addition, I can't find any of the text. This happened a couple of days ago, too. And there were wasn't an autosave. I can go back to a previous version, but then I will have lost almost 3 hours of work. 

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What do u see by enabling hidden characters (ctrl+*). Did u check by converting it to pdf? I think some ad-on is doing this, word is pretty bad with ad-ons - or maybe some macro (if it's enabled.) I saw you've installed grammarly, and I myself found some bugs with this - like it stops showing paste options, and after enabling it through options it gets disabled automatically after next restart. The grammarly plugin has bugs. 

Thanks for the reply. I got a program that claims to deep clean a computer. Since then, I haven't had any reoccurrences (fingers crossed) and my laptop is running better overall. I also removed Grammerly--I don't use the cumbersome ad-on anyway--but I'm still unsure what actually caused the issue. @um_m4