Windows Crashes (Blue Screen) Every Time I Save PowerPoint as PDF

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Hello guys! 


This case is new for me and has only occurred a few days ago. My Windows crashed after I tried to save a PPT as a PDF. I thought it was because the file itself is corrupted. However, I try again a few days later with a different file and I encountered the same problem. I have tried it a few times and every time I save the PPT file as PDF, my Windows crashes.

Does anyone know why does it happen?



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I do have exactly the same issue.

As soon as I try to save a ppt file into pdf win crashes and I have the blu screen.

It happens with two different PCs and different PPT files.


@davidebottari interesting. I am using a laptop  (ASUS FX505DT) by the way. I wonder whether this problem is caused by the OS or the Microsoft Office itself.