Windows 10 Automatic Update KB500802 causing problems with Office 365 and OUTLOOK

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On the 10 March 2021 I received the Windows 10 Update 2021 - 03 and the next day I could open Office 365 Family but I could not open Outlook and a few of the other programs in the Office 365 Pack.

So, I opened Control Panel and uninstalled one of the latest updates KB5000802 dated 10 March 2021, and restarted the computer.

After Restarting and opening Office 365 I was able to open Outlook and all the other programs in Office 365.

Does this mean I have to keep uninstalling KB5000802 everytime I get the update?

How do I fix this issue?

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I have the identical problem.  No solution from Microsoft seems evident!@RayQLD4000