Will Yammer Groups get a new lease of life by using Office 365 Groups?


Microsoft has updated Yammer so that new groups use the Office 365 Groups service to manage the identity and membership of the groups. There are far too many “groups” in that last sentence, which kind of illustrates how a surplus of groups might be building up within Office 365.

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It's a step improvement but Yammer feels dated in comparison to the rest of Office 365. SharePoint has made the transition well, albeit painfully but Microsoft has shown with Teams it does build better than buy.

In our organization I've seen no reason to roll out Yammer anymore with Groups and someday Teams available to us. Just seems like senseless duplication of functionality across products. I figure it'll just confuse my users more than it will be of use.

Remember that Yammer has far higher scalability than the 1,000-member limit for either Office 365 Groups or Teams. Because of this, Yammer is well suited to the kind of "town hall" scenario that many discuss in the enterprise social networking world. For example, Yammer did a pretty good job of dealing with 80,000+ members in the previous iteration of the Office 365 Technical Network...


@Cary Siemers wrote:

We have <100 users.

I imagine your tenant is not in the sweet spot for Yammer...