Will there be any major affect when you change company name?

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Hello Everyone,


I verified several posts and got to know that even if we change the company name and then add new additional domain to existing O365 tenant, the SharePoint/Office365/OneNote URL will not change. 


can someone please help me to clear the confusion on this? 


After adding new domain to O365, is there a chance to change the SharePoint URL, OneDrive? 

will it break any link to OneNote? 

Will it break Skype for Business?

will end users suffer link break errors which are saved under OneDrive? 

will there be any affect to any other Office365 Apps?


I would like to know what are all the challenged when you are just adding custom domain but not really changing the default domain as you cannot change the tenant name once it is registered I believe? 

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Short answer: No, there is not any side effect on SharePoint URL and OneDrive. Basically adding a new domain to Office 365 does not imply any renaming in SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype For Business and Teams URLs. Additionally, tenant renaming is not a feature we have Today in Office 365
As Juan said! But you might also change the org name which will reflect what you see on office 365 pages and the onedrive folder locally for example! (Not urls)


thanks Adam. For example if I change organization name, then there won't be any changed in SHarePoint or OneDrive URL's right? however if end user sync their files from desktop app the it should show a dsplay somehting like OneDrive-xyzcompany?@adam deltinger 

That’s correct :)


Hi Adam, can you confirm if we change UPN to from, will there be any affect to SharePoint permissions?  @adam deltinger 

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Yeah! This is the same users account with the same guid!

thanks! as it is same user and same GUID then there should not be any permission issue or any recently links break issue for end user right? @adam deltinger