Wildcard Certificate and Exchange 2016 Hybrid

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Hi team,


Can I use a wildcard certificate for Exchange Hybrid? I have two Exchange Servers in my environment and configured all VD URLs as and I'm looking at a hybrid solution. However I'm using a wildcard certifcate with * as the CN. All IIS and SMTP services are using it. 

On my send connector, I have the FQDN as

My concern is, Can I use this with the Hybrid Configuration Wizard as well? Will it cause any issues since the certificate has * and the FQDN is I've read at some places that this mismatch can cause issues.


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Hi Roddick,


Yes, you can use a wildcard for Hybrid.


Keep in mind that is advised to use the same certificate across all Exchange Infrastructure.

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Hi Nuno.

Thank you for your feedback. Is there a source on the Internet where i found something written about the use of wildcard certificates and Exchange Hybrid ?

Hi @St3fan,


The official doc is here


Regarding the wildcard certificate is necessary when you can use more names. You can read more here


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In your website Link is something wrong - i see there a "%20" in the URL  >

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No problem for the fast feedback, regarding the signature below is a Macro in Techcommunity


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