why won't office 365 work since I paid for it?

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Since I renewed my subscription to Office365, I have been unable to use it.  Every time I open a Word document, I get the bar asking if I want to see what's new or to update Office.  That's as far as I can get.  I cannot open new documents, I cannot type or paste into the document that is open.  And I have to open Task Manager to close the window.  How can I fix this?  If I have to download the software again, will I lose any information that I have on my computer?

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Just do a Repair of your Office instalation or in case it does not work, install it again.


You will not lose any information on your computer on Repair or Reinstall process of Office365 Proplus.

All of a sudden I am having the same problem myself - I try to use Excel but instead I get an Office "auto update" and it gives me an error message.   That is not fair at all!
I want my computer to work normally and I want to be able to use the programmes I paid for, WHEN I want to, HOW I want to, without having to constantly repair the installations, which invariably become no good with every overaggressive "update" my laptop seems to think is necessary!