Why MS-Word would modify line spacing and symbols after version updates?

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I have a document which I made in 2017 (call it a resume) which was saved in PDF (fortunately!). Haven't touched the WORD document since then.  Now, on two different Macs, one in macOS 10.11.6 the other in macOS 10.13.6, if I open the WORD document, I get some portions for which the line spacing has changed, screwing part of my document (I used one of the resume templates originally). 


Also, there are some symbols used as bullets which have changed.


Why WORD (all I can see is it should read: ''WORD updates'') would do this ? There is no way I seem to be able to revert back especially for the line spacing. If I go HOME, Line spacing options, it already show ''0'', but my line spacing had widened! I want these thinner. 


Again, I emphasize on fact that I have not touched the document since it was saved in September 2017 - and looked the way I wanted it to look,


Yes: the macOS version on one of the computers has changed a few times, but NOT on the 10.11.6 one!





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