whiteboard O365 A1 licensing: Plan 1 vs Plan 2


Last week we noticed O365 A1 Plan 1 and Plan 2 licensing for whiteboard.  Does anyone know what each licensing plan offers?  


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No idea, nothing in the documentation. Here's what I have in my tenant:


ServicePlan      ProvisioningStatus
-----------      ------------------
WHITEBOARD_PLAN3 PendingProvisioning
WHITEBOARD_PLAN2 PendingProvisioning

Yeah, scraped the internet - nothing!

It's probably related to this but like all others, no information in my extended Bing brain :)

I just checked our licensing - we're Office 365 E3, and we now have Whiteboard Plan 2 enabled.


Stay Informed
Published On : March 15, 2019

We're making several changes to Microsoft Whiteboard that will roll out over the next 3-4 months.


  1. For all organizations with Whiteboard - Microsoft Whiteboard will appear as an available product in Office 365 and the service principal will be added to appropriate tenants that have Whiteboard enabled.
  2. For all Office 365 tenants with Whiteboard located in Europe - Microsoft Whiteboard will automatically store whiteboard content in datacenters in that region.
  3. For all organizations with Surface Hubs – If you manage Surface Hubs, the legacy 2016 application of Whiteboard will be upgraded to the latest version and the legacy version will no longer receive updates.

@Robin Nilsson   I originally assumed the Mar 15th notice had something to do with the Whiteboard web app (preview) that can be enabled under 'Services & add-ins'.   Maybe the additional whiteboard license plans are tied to the whiteboard web app becoming GA'd?

@David Christensen Any activity would be great :) I love Whiteboard, just wish the web version would hurry up and support all the main features of the app. I've been using a hack of using Whiteboard in our conference rooms that are still Win7 via a projected Teams meeting (which uses the web version),  and accessing the same whiteboard via my iPad so I can use all the features.

@David Christensen Hey David, you posted this a year ago but in case you never found out.


"There is a Whiteboard license assigned to users in your organization (Whiteboard plan 1, 2, and so on.) These do not currently have any feature differences, but they will in future."