Which settings excactly does OL365 "Store my Outlook settings in the cloud" sync?


There is a new setting under General, Cloud storage options "Store my Outlook settings in the cloud". Which OL settings exactly does it store and share between OL Apps?

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Interested in this too. Last I checked, when it was released to insiders a year ago, it was only the Focused Inbox settings.
No answer, no documentation. Have disabled this feature and will not look at it again.

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Hey, have an update for you.


This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 63037.

When this will happen

  • We will begin rolling this out to Microsoft 365 Monthly Channel, Targeted, in late May. (This is Insiders Slow Channel which will soon be called Microsoft Beta.)
  • We expect to roll this out to the Monthly Channel, Production, in late June.

When this feature rolls out, the following list of settings will roam across other computers running Outlook for Windows that are logged in to the same Office account.

  • Advanced
  • Calendar
  • Ease of Access
  • General
  • Groups
  • Mail
  • People
  • Search
  • Tasks

If you do not override this ability, users can change their preferences via the “Store my Outlook settings in the cloud” checkbox under File > Options > General.

Users can disable this feature by unchecking the box, “Store my Outlook settings in the cloud.”

It's December now and I'm not seeing those cloud options in outlook yet.


@Ru Any ideas if this is why my OL365 gets slow? Happily will turn off the setting if this is the case. Now that I see that it is on.

When will the signature stored in the cloud finally launch ?


@technonath , I agree, the signature option is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this feature advertised and enabled today in Outlook for my organization. 


So, I jumped to my phone, started a new email, and then NO... I did not have a sync'd signature.


Then, I fired a browser on my PC, started outlook 365 web client, created an email and the NO... I did not have a sync'd signature.


In conclusion, we have different signatures in Outlook dektop, web client and mobile app, and still no sync.  In fact even the reply option and selection of signatures are different.

@L10NGuru Well, this is an interesting question. This feature is now applied for most of our Office 2019 users. We got 2 users with issues. The users reported that they are loosing "sent email" So after investigation I realised the "sent email" are not save in the folder anymore. To fix it' I had to disable the "save to cloud" Outlook feature. I opened a ticket with the O365 team but it's still not resolved. So for now this new option is causing issues. The Office 365 team told me that the official email client of Office 365 is Outlook 2016. Well Office 2016 is arount 5 years old now. If we use Office 2019, I don't feel like a beta tester. I hope it's not the case.

@SupportATR After around 30 days of back and forth with the Microsoft support team, I realialised where the issue is exactly. If you use the latest version of Outlook 2019 and you have "shared" mailbox stay away of the "save to cloud" option. It might corrupt your "sent" email and etc. 


If you received the right to open a second shared mailbox from the "admin" it should be ok. But, If you added the share mailbox in the Outlook local profile you might get major issues.


The cloud is great but the feeling about it shoul feel like the "best" technology. Not this kind of problem. When those situation appen, I can justify my job but this create a sour taste around the word "cloud"


Are you saying their sent items were not saved at all ? or ended up somewhere else like in the folder where the email you were replying to is located.



Are you saying their sent items were not saved at all ? --> Yes exactly, the option to save was unchecked. Trying to set "on" or "off" the "save settings to cloud" I could see the checkbox getting check and uncheck. I tried really hard to get this issue escalated but the support agent just closed the ticket saying that my workaround was working. I've been told by the support agent that they never tried to reproduce the issue by themself in a lab.. I've sent a lot of screenshot but they just closed the ticket. I've found an interesting article with the version channel. I realised that if you just buy office 2019 from a reseller you're not a beta tester but YOU will be part of the firt group to receive those new feature with bugs. Here's the link: https://www.msoutlook.info/question/office-update-channels


At the moment our users with multiple mailbox received the latest version, I began to receive calls.

Hi @SupportATR 


I am sorry to hear of your experience with Microsoft Support, I know only too well what a waste of time it is reporting anything to them - they have no powers to escalate anything they cannot handle and just quote "we are a break /fix team"  and waste your time asking for screenshots and then at the slightest hint of a workaround will close your call without actually doing anything about it.  It is disgusting that this is the support you get for a paid product.


I am sorry that I cannot be much help to you, please do post back if you ever find a proper solution.  I see that Diane Poremsky has now written about others having this issue  on her very helpful blog  https://www.slipstick.com/outlook/outlook-saving-preferences/

Excellent, this is exactly the issue that my users have and the first proof that I'm not the only one. I will send this link to the Microsoft O365 support team.

Thank you

@Ru  Why do you think people want to opt into this? I would prefer not store stuff in the cloud and it become one more place for people to Hack ID information. I have a back up drive at home and when the systems is turned off and unplugged no one can hack it. Please stop defaulting people into things that you think are good ideas when others may not consider that an issue

Couldn't have put this any better - too bad Microsoft didn't/doesn't/won't listen.

Anyone who thinks establishing, creating or promoting the "one-size fits all" methodology (I'm constantly reminded that I work for a company that has many, many "teams of one") has lost touch with reality. The script has flipped (and all it does is create further hatred for Microsoft).

I suppose we could all go out and join the many "insiders" clubs Microsoft offers, but WTH has time for that when you're a one-man IT department? Xactly.
I would love to know if and when this feature may be coming to Outlook. Managing signatures for our many trainers' mailboxes is becoming a nightmare.
In the interim you could check out a cloud based signature platform. Exclaimer is a great choice, and it is super easy to setup/administer.