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Hello office community. My name is Jimmy  and I own a pre-owned dealership in Canada, Québec. I have been working a lot lately on the reconditioning process of our vehicles. Since a used vehicle cost 36$ per day in depreciation costs, it is important that our vehicles are ''front line'' ready in under 5 days. So my goal is to build an app that would track each cars process, from in transit, to mechanical, to detailing, body shop all the way to front line. 

I am using an excel spreadsheet to follow up my process and outlook calendar to schedule jobs for my team, but I find non-interactive and very long process, reentering data into outlook causes errors and mistakes. So I was wondering what would be the best solution for me ? Which platform should be best for my project? Some web apps exist for what I am looking for, but they cost 700$ a month, which is a lot of money for something that I can program on my own. 


we are 3 who will use this, and we receive 50 cars a month. 


Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Maybe creating a powerapp that will both include scheduling and entering/get data! This can be for example an sharepoint list or the excel itself!

@Chris Webb , any ideas here?
Yeah, PowerApps and or Flow connected to a SharePoint list both could be crafted to do this, but depending on the actual requirements would determine which route to take, and effort involved. But PowerApps can literally make full blown internal apps that can be pretty complex. I recommend if you go the PowerApps route thou to use a SQL backend since SharePoint has many issues with Delegation (500, 2000 optional record query limits).