Where is Microsoft Planner?

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Hi everyone,
My first post in this community so here it goes!...
For some odd reason, Microsoft Planner doesn't show up as a sidebar option even when I expand to show all apps.
I always have access to it though via the tasks.office.com URL.
Any reasons why this is the case? I am on a Business Premium sub.
Many thanks in advance,

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Could it be an Admin has disabled Planner in the tenant?

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín and many thanks for your swift reply.


I have gone into Admin settings and "App permissions" but there is no sign of it there either, if anyone can prompt me of an alternative location/URL I'd greatly appreciate it.



Hi Chris, have a look at this info. It should sort things out https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/planner/planner-for-admins