What type of email account to use?

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Hi everyone,


i need to create a main account such as customersupport@ that's going to be on our website, and receive all kinds of different inquiries from customers. From there I will create rules, so that email gets forwarded to the right department/person based on its content/subject line..etc...

So for instance, a job application email which is sent out to, would get forwarded to 

My question is, should i set up these accounts as regular mailboxes, shared, groups..etc?

Some of these accounts will be overseen by one person, others by multiple people.


Thank you in advance for your help 


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I would set these up as shared mailboxes! Give permissions to users for respectively
Most of them only need permissions to the final shared mailbox like HR for example

Shared mailbox. Groups lack many of the functionalities you might need in such scenario, starting from Rules.

Thank you for that. My next question would be: We have 4 different domains in our company. Is there a way to give permission to users who are on a different domain?


e.g gets set up as a shared mailbox. E-mails containing keywords such as employment, job application ..etc I want it to go to, and only.


Thank You!

Yes , this is possible !

As long as this is a single tenant, domains don't matter. And you don't need any permissions for this to work, apart from the initial rule setup. That's assuming you are going to forward the messages, not have them handled within the shared mailbox.

So, I was able to set up a test rule by keywords. However, it didn’t work :)
Mail is received in the shared mailbox, and not redirected as it should. Do I need to change some other settings somewhere else for it to work? I tried redirecting it to 2 different mailboxes of 2 different domains.
Did you wait some time after you applied the rule? It could take some time to start working!

Yes, like I just sent another email. It didn’t redirect. It’s been about 30hrs
Check the rules again and also do a message trace from the security and compliance center to see if something happens


I checked again. I don't see anything wrong. The message trace just shows the emails are delivered to the shared mailbox but no redirection. I wonder if i have to enable somthng else in order for this to work.

This was setup so that emails are redirected to a mailbox on another domain, if that matters.

Maybe you inadvertently applied the rules to the mailbox of a user that has access instead of the shared mailbox?  Here is an article on applying the rules just in case

Thanks for the input Jeremy.


I set this up on the server side. I can confirm it was applied to the shared mailbox. 

Mind sharing the actual rule?

Here you go guys,

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Oh, I misunderstood...I thought you were using an inbox rule on the mailbox itself and not a transport rule.  I'm not 100% sure that a redirect rule like that will work in "Testing without policy tips" mode.  You could try to enforce it and see if you get better results.

Here you go guys,

Guys, by enforcing it, it worked!! Great thanks Jeremy and everyone else!


Just not sure why "Test w/o policy tips" wouldn't thought.

Awesome, glad it’s working for you!