What should I use to make a pyramid?

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This week I attended a local conference on computer security, IT etc. In the keynote address the presenter had an excellent diagram of what he called the "Hierarchy of IT Needs", loosely based upon Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I thought it was an excellent consideration of what any IT organization might encounter as they grow and mature, the various steps they'll go through. I'm trying to contact the presenter, to see if I can get that PowerPoint slide. But, I might not be successful. And unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of the pyramid until he'd moved onto another slide in his deck. But I did take the time to draw it on some paper.


Therefore, I'd like to find a way to reproduce that pyramid, in the event I'm not able to get the PowerPoint slides from the presenter. However, trust me, I'm not graphic artist. I've popped open PowerPoint to make presentations in the past, but they've all been simple, bulleted list things. Nothing graphic. And I'm not even sure that PowerPoint would be the right thing. Ultimately, I want this to go into a Word file I've made, which I'm sharing with my co-workers.


So, what can you recommend I use to reproduce this hierarchy of IT needs pyramid and put it into a Word document?

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Just use the Pyramid SmartArt template? In PowerPoint, go to Insert -> SmartArt -> Pyramid. The Hierarchy ones should do as well.